UMR Agronomie, Grignon

INRA (UMR 211) - AgroParisTech

Takes part in WP0, WP2 et WP3.

Presentation of the UMR Agronomie

The Agronomie research team produces knowledge and methods to create and evaluate sustainable agricultural systems. It works on different research themes: biologic regulation in agroecosystems, interactions between genotype/environment/agricultural practices, methods to create and evaluate agricultural systems, and global agronomy.

Project implications
  • Design of ideotypes for sustainable agricultural systems: development of a general methodology, and application to wheat mixtures, through participatory conception exercises, involving farmers and “Chambres d’Agriculture”
  • Development of statistical and agronomic tools to evaluate varieties and characterize resistance to different environmental stress (with a focus on low nitrogen inputs)

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR Agronomie

Arnaud Gauffreteau, research engineer INRA

Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy, researcher INRA and UMR supervisor

Damien Marchand, technician INRA

Joëlle Brun, technician INRA

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