Wheatamix, research project of the ANR Agrobiosphère : 2014-2018

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Wheatamix studies the interest of mixing wheat varieties to reinforce the sustainability of agricultural production in the Paris Basin, in the context of global changes. This interdisciplinary project involves 10 research laboratories and 6 Chambers of Agriculture.

Wheatamix analyses the interactions between varieties, to understand how to obtain performing wheat blends, in terms of yield and quality, as well as other ecosystem services. The project aims at establishing rules for blends in a participative way, and evaluating their relevance in different production contexts.

Progression of cultivar mixtures in France

04 July 2023

Redaction: Jérôme Enjalbert

Strong progression of wheat varietal mixtures in France

For the past 5 years, wheat varietal blends have been growing constantly, a trend confirmed in 2019.
Wheatamix has identified assembly rules for composing variety mixtures. Some of these rules are now integrated in the OPTIMIX tool!
The annual seminar DEPHY Field crops & Polycropping meet together engineers and project leaders during two days of presentations and farm visits, on 8th and 9th June 2016.
The main results on cultivar mixture participatory ideotyping (2-years of collaborative work from 2014 to 2016) have been presented by Julie Borg and Arnaud Gauffreteau (WP31).

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