UMR Center of Ecology and Sciences of COnservation



Takes part in WP2 and WP4

Presentation of the UMR CESCO

The Center of Ecology and Sciences of COnservation studies reciprocal interactions between human societies and biodiversity, to enhance the biodiversity conservation and the ecosystem services. It relies on nationwide participatory biodiversity monitoring programs.

Project implications
  • Skills complementarity with LEM and IEES-P, extending the number of taxonomic groups included in the project and allowing in-site participatory measurements of biodiversity by farmers
  • Study of wild farmland biodiversity, centered on aphids and other insects of wheat canopy
  • Understanding the fundamental ecological mechanisms underlying the impact of agricultural practices on biodiversity
  • Expertise in multivariate statistics

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR CESCO

Emmanuelle Porcher, lecturer at the MNHN

Rose-Line Preud'homme, research engineer INRA

Christian Kerbiriou, lecturer

Isabelle Le Viol, lecturer at the MNHN

Sandrine Salmon, study engineer INRA

Alan Vergnes, postdoctoral researcher INRA

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