UMR Microbial Ecology of Lyon


CNRS - UCBL1 - INRA (UMR 5527 et USC 1364)

Takes part in WP0, WP1, WP2 (supervisor), WP3 and WP4

Presentation of the UMR LEM

The UMR Microbial Ecology of Lyon analyses the mechanisms and environmental drivers that control the levels of microbial activity involved in soil nitrogen cycle. Changes in abundance, diversity or specific activity of organisms can determine different levels of regulation.

Project implications (team Microbial functional groups and nitrogen cycle)
  • Study of the impact of functional diversity of wheat mixtures on soil microbial groups and soil nitrogen cycle
  • Dedicated statistical analyses to link traits, plant foliar architecture and root structure, soil fauna ecology, and soil activity
  • Wheatamix WP2 management

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR LEM

Xavier Le Roux, researcher INRA and WP2 task coordinator

Franck Poly, research officer CNRS

Thomas Pommier, research officer INRA

Amélie Cantarel, lecturer at Lyon 1 University

Sonia Czarnes, lecturer at Lyon 1 University

Catherine Lerondelle, study engineer INRA

Mylène Hugoni, postdoctoral researcher INRA

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