UMR Sciences for Action and Development: Activities Products Territories, Grignon

INRA (UMR 1048) - AgroParisTech

Takes part in WP3 and WP4.

Presentation de SAD-APT

The UMR Sciences for Action and Development: Activities, Product, Territories involves together numerous scientists from various disciplines: agronomy, ecology, animal sciences, economics, sociology, geography, management sciences...

Project implications
  • Analysis of the impact of cultivar mixtures on business model of cooperatives and on the farm advisory system
  • Strong relationship with many stakeholders potentially involved in the promotion of seed blends in the wheat supply chains (farmers' cooperatives, chambers of agriculture...)
  • Experience in multidisciplinary research project from various perspectives (modelling land-use and farm performance, analyzing public policies, understanding conflicts and innovation at territorial scales...)

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR SAD-APT

François Coleno, research officer INRA

Mourad Hanachi, research officer INRA

Pierre Labarthe, research officer INRA

Aline Fugeray-Scarbel, study engineer

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