2014.05: Soil sampling

2014.05: Soil sampling

A first soil sampling campaign on the experimental site of Versailles, to study nitrogen activity of the 60 panel varieties and soil microbial communities (WP2)

The study of soil fertility service, one of the WP2 missions, leads to a first sampling campaign on the experimental site of Versailles. It aimed at sample soil in the 60 variety panel micro-parcels, to study the bacterial activity linked to the nitrogen cycle. The soil collected near roots will allow measuring the potential nitrification and denitrification activity, and in future experiments, will also be used to monitor the abundance and diversity of soil microbial communities involved in nitrogen cycle.

Results will permit to assess if varieties differ in their preference for N forms and in their influence on key soil microbial groups. These microbial functional groups can induce feedback on plant growth and fitness, and ecosystem functioning.

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