2014.07: Evaluation of the aphid predation rate

2014.07: Evaluation of the aphid predation rate

A first campaign to measure the aphid predation rate on the experimental site of Versailles, to assess the interest of varietal diversity for biological pest control (WP2)

A pilot experimentation has been set up to study the predation of aphids, in the experimental plots of Versailles, which mobilized some project members for the WP2. Field work consisted in placing live aphids on adhesive tape in plot trials and recording the daily predation rate, in monocultures and in 2, 4 and 8-way mixtures.

This work will allow determining if the variety diversity can improve the biological control of pests like aphids. The role of biodiversity has been yet demonstrated to increase the abundance and diversity of pest predators, by increasing the abundance of prey and the diversity of habitats.

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