2016.06 Meeting with study engineers of the DEPHY project Field crops & Polycropping

2016.06 Meeting with study engineers of the DEPHY project Field crops & Polycropping

The annual seminar DEPHY Field crops & Polycropping meet together engineers and project leaders during two days of presentations and farm visits, on 8th and 9th June 2016.

      Wheatamix, represented by Julie Borg for the occasion, was invited to present the first results of the project and organize a visit of the field trial integrated in the multisite experiment (details about fields experiments : /Project-presentation)


      The multidisciplinary approach of the project was really appreciated because a lot of questions are remaining about ecosystem services and their link to variety traits. The importance of considering farmers in research project was also highlighted, as they take an important part in  making field trials and to disseminate results at their scale. Researchers, engineers and farmers participating were also interested in the development of a tool for helping the choice of mixtures at a local scale, basing on association rules studied in Wheatamix.

      At the end of these days, engineers in the west of France, and especially in Bretagne, said they are available to support the actions of Wheatamix.

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More about DEPHY:

     The national field network DEPHY contribute to test and disseminate new farm practices for reducing and improving pesticide uses. Engineers animate groups of volunteer farmers to evaluate and contribute to farm practices dissemination of economically and productively crop systems.

     The field crops & polycropping chain meet together 112 farmers’ groups at the national scale, representing a huge diversity of production systems.

Website (in french) : http://grandes-cultures.ecophytopic.fr/grandes-cultures

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